Let's fight COVID-19 together.

As an independent business, we directly depend on daily feed of orders from customers. Every single order trickles down to support livelihood of hundreds of artisans and small businesses across India. Therefore we encourage you to place the order you desired and we remain committed to ship it as soon as possible

Your Order is safe with Us

  • Shipping is going to resume once the lockdown is over and our support team will duly update you on your order.
Customer Support
  • We will remain available on chat and social media messages to address all of your queries related to orders and new inquiries. You can also leave us Whatsapp message on our official number i.e. +91 95557 38585 and our team will respond to you in during regular business hours. (10 AM to 6:30 PM - Monday to Saturday)

Note from the Founder

These are difficult times brought to us by nature and its forces and our thoughts are with you and your loved ones. We hope and pray that the situation in India and all over the world gets better very soon. In the coming days we are taking a few steps to ensure that the whole ecosystem of working artisans and craftswomen (underprivileged slum women) and our mission of providing them livelihood remains unaffected.

For this, we are ensuring that our artisans and craftswomen are paid their full salaries as usual and advances where needed. We totally stand by our wonderful working artisans and craftswomen who makes sure your orders are processed smoothly.

These underprivileged women have no backup income or salaries and are most stressed during this time. We are working to providing them payments on time, giving them regular orders so that they can be assured of their livelihoods.

To run our systems smoothly, we are totally dependent on our customers like you. Your orders at SUKKHI will keep us going.

We sincerely urge our lovely family of customers to use this time to explore our website and continue placing their orders. Your orders may not get dispatched right away but they will be delivered to you as soon as the government restrictions are removed.

Lets stay together and support each other in the best ways we can.

Bhavesh Navlakha, Founder and CEO